John Sachdeva

I have profound respect for the traditions and artistic aspects of tailoring. However, noble practices are of little value if not matched with the gentleman who will wear the clothes. For almost twenty years I have been matching people with the perfect attire based on my knowledge, craftsmanship, and understanding of their needs. This collaboration benefits me as my clients bring me new inspiration, and it is my humble hope, that my abilities will not only provide them with great clothes but also offer them education in the values and traditions of tailoring.

I have clients of all ages and various backgrounds all over the world. Therefore, there is no standard. I understand their individual requirements and needs and make sure they are all met and, ideally, surpassed. There is no man today who doesn’t enjoy wearing a perfectly fitted suit. It will make any man carry himself with confidence and grace.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to contribute with this for men all over the world, and I look forward to help more men to look and feel their best in clothes that are natural extensions of their personalities.


We offer garments for all occasions. Whether you are attending a formal event or relaxing at the golf course in a pair of shorts, we can help you do both in style. A proper-made garment can absorb and reflect the personality of the wearer.


Our custom suits are usually the first items new clients commission. We are proud that close to 90% of all new clients return within 12 months commissioning additional suits, shirts and/or more day-to-day items like a flannel sport coat, or a winter overcoat.


Each piece we make is unique made specifically for the gentleman who will wear it. Each garment is an expression of the wearer’s personal style based on proud tailoring traditions. Our goal is to make timeless garments that are in client's wardrobes for generations. We also aspire to become our clients’ trusted confidants in matters of personal style.